Clearance Items

From time to time things get dropped, things get scratched, or things just aren’t built to our exceptional high standards. Since quality is number one around here at Jalapeno Jeaven, you won’t ever know that things don’t always go as planned…unless…you visit our Clearance section. Here you’ll find completely functional products that might look like they’ve already been used once or twice (which they haven’t) because there’s a scratch here or a ding there but they still have the same great design features and functionality of our regularily priced grills and accessories.

So if function means more to you than looks then you might be in the perfect place to get a great jalapeno grill at a great price. Quantities are limited, truth is, we’d prefer to never have any scratch and dent clearance products, so if you see it and you want it, buy it, it may not be here next time.


Our fabricator tried to save us money and extend the life of our tooling. It takes a lot of pressure to form the tapered holes in our grills and that wears out the tools used to form those holes. If you use high strength carbon powders on the tooling, this powder acts as a buffer between the forming tool and the grill and thus extends the life of the tooling. However, it also presses this carbon powder onto the surface of the grill. The result is a Stainless Steel grill that looks like it’s rusted when you wash it. The rust only appears where the carbon powder actually made contact (under pressure) with the grill. So, I’ve got good news and good news. The stainless steel is not rusting and will last just as long as every one of our quality grills and the other good news, you can get these at a great discount. If you really care about there not being any signs of rust, you can use a stainless cleaner like Barkeepers Friend (available at Walmart) and clean each tine of the tapered holes BEFORE you wash this for the first time. You’ll get 95% of the carbon off and you’ll never even know there was an issue. If you don’t care about a little surface discoloration you can skip the scrubbing and just use the grill. Either way, this will provide years of great service.

Jeavenly Host Grills


Price: $69.95
Sale price-$47.95


Angel Grills


Price: $34.95
Sale price-$22.95