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If you love Jalapenos like I do, then you’ve no doubt been frustrated by the notion that a jalapeno grill with a bunch of holes all the same size will work for all jalapeno peppers. Peppers are not the same size, why then would you make a grill with a bunch of the same size holes?

Jalapeno Jeaven was created to re-invent the Jalapeno Grill. We bought and used the grills of our competitors, documented the shortcomings in their designs and created a new grill which actually considers the fact that all peppers are not equal (imagine!). Check out all of the unique design features of our grill.

As a result of our work, you now have the opportunity to cook your stuffed jalapenos on the World’s Greatest Jalapeno Grill (we keep waiting for someone to challenge us on that claim but so far no one can or has). Our tapered hole design will ensure your peppers will be evenly and perfectly cooked each and every time.

Go Texan LogoJalapeno Jeaven is proud to be a member of GO TEXAN. All of our grills are manufactured right here in Texas. We promote products not only made in the USA but especially those made by fellow Texans. For more information about GO TEXAN or to become a member, click on the GO TEXAN logo to the right. Together we move Texas forward, "Proudly producing the best!"


Jalaleno Cherub Grill Set


Our Cherub Grills holds 6 peppers so if it’s just for one or two, this grill is for you. Sometimes you just don’t feel like sharing…indulge yourself!

Dim: 8.25L x 8W x 1.75H
Shipping Weight: 13 oz

Price: $29.95

Jalaleno Quarter Grill Set


This grill fits perfectly along the curved edge of your round or oval grill leaving plenty of grill space for other great food. Need more than 10 peppers? Use two or more grill racks at the same time, they just fit next to each other completing a circle on your grillrack. This grill is designed specifically for round or oval grills and works best with grills that have a grill rack diameter of more than 18".

Dim: 8.25L x 11.5W x 2.0H
Shipping Weight 1 lb 5 oz

Price: $34.95

Jalaleno Angel Grill Set


Be the hit of the party when you bring enough to share. This grill is great for small to midsize gatherings. The Angel grill holds 15 peppers.

Dim: 14.75L x 9.0W x 1.75H
Shipping Weight 1 lb 13 oz

Price: $39.95

Jalapeno Jeavenly Host Grill Set


Fill this grill up and you truly are a “Jeavenly Host”! Great for that football tailgate, family reunion, church social or just because you can! This grill holds a whopping 41 peppers!

Dim: 21.0L x 9.4W x 1.75H
Shipping Weight 3 lb 5 oz

Price: $74.95


The Grip EZ Jalapeno Corer


This great tool makes short and clean work out of coring your peppers. It's specifically designed to do just one thing, core Jalapeno Peppers and it does it well. Take the work out of cleaning your peppers with the Grip EZ Corer.

Use this tool COUNTER-CLOCKWISE ... if you go through the sie of a pepper with this tool, you're going the wrong direction, turn around and go the other way!

Price: $6.95

Jalapeno Pepper Picker


Put this on your keychain and take it with you to the store. When you're buying your Jalapeno Peppers for that special event, buy them with confidence knowing that if the pepper fits in your pepper picker, it's the right size for the grill, it's that easy!

For those who "Don't need no stinkin' Pepper Pickers", it works as a bottle opener too!

Price: $1.95